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            The St. Joseph’s Orphanage Press commenced its impressions in 1924, under the leadership of Mar James Kalassery, to provide printing services of all nature. With our commendably experienced and dedicated staff, state-of-the-art technology and quality control, excellence of output is assured. In 1967 during the period of Mar Mathew Kavukattu the bookstall started functioning . In 2008 it was reorganized as a trust.


Joseph Perumthottam

Metropolitan Archbishop of changanacherry

 “With God’s grace, St Joseph’s Orphanage press and Bookstall has attained considerable level of development during the period of development during the period of its valuable service. Hard work and wise utilization of the state-of-the-art technology, for high-tech printing purposes, were there, to nourish this admirable growth. When the Missionaries transmitted the basic elements of education throughout kerala. Changancherry too. attracted its brain waves, as a cultural receiver. A part of their educational endeavours, the first printing machine was installed to publish “vedapracharamadhyastan” the official organ of the Archdiocese of changanacherry. periodic reformations presented it a very bright new face that we see now.I nearly congratulate all who participated in this reformation process that took place through more than a century.

Joseph Powathil

Archbishop emeritus

 “The St. Joseph’s Orphanage press and Book stall”, was started several decades ago with the two aims of serving the public and helping the poor orphans. It made rapid strides and today it is one of the best known quality press and Book stall in kerala. 

It has in recent times extended its service to different sectors . The annual Book Fair is a great event in Central kerala. It also holds Book fairs in various schools in the archdiocese. Its Madhyasthan Communication media enables people abroad to view events here through the Madhyastan TV. Madhyastan is also a new Venture.

The recent development of the madhyastan Enterprise owes a lot to the manager and its close collabaorators. Every effort is being made to bring the press and related institutions up to greater heights. Hearty congratulations to the Manager and his team.